ThinkVine is a platform for people to read about and discuss environmental and political issues. These agendas are often considered with a degree of separation in society, but we believe their dysfunctional relationship is a defining characteristic of our time. It needs to be acknowledged if our generation is to play the hand we have been dealt.

The only way for us to achieve that is through sharing information. Exchanging ideas is what informs us and gives us the opportunity to reach our own conclusions about what’s important and why.

That’s where ThinkVine comes in. A place for people to have conversations, get informed, nurture ideas, fortify your opinion or reach a new one.

We don’t know any better than you do so write to us, leave comments and criticise our arguments!

Help us grow the Vine! 🙂



Written by Nehali Anupriya, a twenty-year-old Development Studies postgraduate, trying to figure out how she can change the world.